How To Find Good Titanium Investments For The Long Term

28 September 2020
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Investing in titanium, either in the metal itself or in a company that uses titanium, can give you a relatively stable investment that you can hold onto for a long time -- that is, if you approach it correctly. Too many people approach any metal investment as a type of scheme to get rich quick or to build up a huge stockpile of money to use should the economy take a dive. You have to handle titanium in a slightly different manner. Yes, you want your investment to grow, and you want more money as a result of that growth. But titanium is a choice for the long-term.

Look at the Applications

First, look at the applications for titanium. Right now and for the foreseeable future, titanium is in demand because of its durability, light weight, and other factors that make it perfect for aerospace, bicycles, and more. You can invest in companies that either focus on these fields or that focus on titanium production itself, but be sure you know what the purpose of the company is -- what their mission is and how they use the titanium. If you find investment opportunities in unknown companies that don't mention what they use titanium for, for example, that's too vague and could indicate a company that isn't quite on the up and up.

Don't Take Cues From Precious Metals

The behavior of titanium in terms of stocks and prices is a lot different from those of gold, silver, and even copper. Those prices can be volatile, swinging wildly as people become concerned or more comfortable with the state of the economy. Titanium stays fairly stable because of its vital role in so many industries and its non-reliance on investor emotions. Don't buy or sell titanium because the economy looks a certain way or because prices for other metals have suddenly changed.

Be Wary of Companies Promising Big Swings in Price

Unless you hear about the sudden discovery of a metal that will replace titanium, and all companies using titanium announce that they will no longer use titanium, you can bet that prices will not fluctuate that much, even if they still rise and fall. Titanium is part of a strategy for long-term gains, so if a company promises you big gains in a short time, take another look at how that company's investments have performed in the past.

Titanium is a metal you really should consider adding to your investment portfolio. It's fairly easy to get into, if you know the types of companies to look for (you won't be hiding titanium bars in your filing cabinet), and it is much calmer in terms of price increases and drops.

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