3 Signs Your Small Business May Be Headed For Bankruptcy

14 December 2019
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No small business owner ever wants to believe that they will have to file bankruptcy. Unfortunately, financial woes can come for business owners just the same as they can come for individuals. It is best if you can foresee bankruptcy in the near future so you can plan appropriately and start discussing your situation with a commercial bankruptcy attorney. Take a look at some of the situations when a small business may be headed for bankruptcy. Read More 

Are Fee-Only Financial Planning Services The Best Choice For Everyone? 3 Downsides Of Using One To Manage Your Portfolio

15 October 2019
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A common piece of investment advice is to only seek out fee-only financial planning services. These services don't take commissions from the financial institutions that they sell products from. Instead, they make their money from charging you an annual fee based on the value of your investment portfolio. In theory, this means that they always have your best interests in mind while managing your portfolio. Fee-based financial planning services, on the other hand, are allowed to take commissions from the financial institutions that they sell investment products from. Read More 

Video Banking Can Help Your Business

31 July 2019
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If you are a small business owner, you are probably very busy trying to be all things to your business. That can be a lot of work, and if you have to leave your business, that may mean that no one is there to help any customers. That can make going to your bank or talking to bankers very difficult. One option is to use video banking.  Video Banking Read More 

Court Date Confusion? What To Expect When You Miss A Court Date

8 June 2019
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Keeping track of dates and times and managing a schedule is a trait that comes easily to some people, but sadly, not at all to others. While forgetting a lunch date or occasionally showing up at work on the wrong day are relatively minor problems that often plague disorganized people, missing a scheduled court can take the problem to a new and painful level. In fact, forgetfulness that causes you to miss your court date can have serious legal consequences, including having an existing bail bond revoked. Read More 

Why & How You Should Proceed With Getting Your GED

8 April 2019
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Even if many years have passed since you were old enough to attend high school, it will never be too late for you to finish your high school education via the GED test. There are no age restrictions for obtaining a GED; you just need to sign up to take the test and pass all subject-area sections on the test. Why You Should Get Your GED Getting your GED will open an entirely new world to you. Read More