5 Tips To Get The Most From Personal Finance Podcasts And Blogs

27 December 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

While every American could probably benefit from having a personal financial planner, many don't have access to one. One way to compensate for this and get the financial assistance you deserve is by turning to personal finance guidance through podcasts and blogs. But how can you reap the best benefits from listing to personal finance podcasts? Here are a few important moves to make.

1. Gauge Your Goals

Today's online marketplace offers a wide array of podcasts, websites, and bloggers who can guide their audience on a journey. But you must first decide what journey you want to make. Are you just starting out? Then you may need basic, foundational financial guidance. Want to boost retirement savings? Find a podcast with this focus. Are you of a certain generation or family status? Look for podcasters whose lifestyle reflects your own. 

2. Set Aside Time

Many listeners put on podcasts when they're doing other things, like driving or cleaning. But even though this provides some useful results, the best approach is to set aside time to focus. Sit down, perhaps with pen in hand, with your own financial information when you listen in. Think about it like a classroom setting. Make it a regularly scheduled, prioritized part of your life. 

3. Write Down Questions

As you listen or read about personal finance subjects, make note of things you don't know or questions that come up. It could be terms with which you're unfamiliar, strategies that you don't understand, or how to apply the guidance in your own financial life. Then, create homework for yourself by learning more about these subjects. This active participation increases both retention and growth. 

4. Recruit a Buddy

Do you have anyone joining you on your journey to financial betterment? Many people find more success when they have someone to help encourage them and keep them on the right track. Because podcasts, blogs, and sites make interaction harder than a live personal finance coach, you do well to find live persons in your own world to share with. 

5. Keep Growing

Boosting personal finances is a journey, and the goal is growth. That growth means that you may not find the same value in the same advice forever. This is normal and healthy. Got yourself out of credit card debt, for instance? Then it may be time to move on to learn about investing. If you're listening to the same counsel on the same subjects you've already mastered, look for new sources of information and the next steps. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about using readily available resources like podcasts and blogs to improve your finances? Start by checking out a selection of those available in your area today. Your future self will thank you. 

For more information on a financial planning podcast, contact a company near you.